Designed and manufactured by Grease Monkey Cycles, the Velobox is the safest way to park your bike on the street. It offers convenient, accessible and robust active parking & storage near people’s homes. It is an effective way to protect equipment from weather conditions and reduce the risk of theft or vandalism.

This award-winning product stores 12 or 8 bikes within the space of a car parking bay, making it ideal for high-density housing areas where indoor cycle storage is not an option.

Our Veloboxes can store various types of bike including standard, cargo, ebike, family and all ability bikes and can also be adapted to store 2 childrens buggies.


  • Provides accessible bike storage
  • Safest way to park your bike on the street
  • Reduces the risk of vandalism and theft
  • Tough three-point locking system


  • Easy to open gas-assisted door
  • Twice yearly maintenance visits
  • Protects bikes from weather
  • Made in Britain

Veloboxes 3 Point Locking System

  1. The Velobox is locked at the point of entry
  2. Lock your frame and wheel to the Velobox stand using a U-Lock
  3. Secure your front wheel to the stand using either a U-Lock or Cable lock

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